The Slants
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win or lose or still in court?

The Slants responded on 02/06/2017

We're still in court/waiting for the Supreme Court. Should have a decision around June


Thanks for doing what you do, the way you do it.

Do you think that by taking the name 'The Slants' that you take possession of the word in the way that Black people use the "N" word?

Keep it going!

The Slants responded on 02/04/2017

In some ways, yes - Asian American activists have been using the term SLANT in a positive, self-empowering way for decades now. In other ways, it's a bit different because unlike the N word, "Slants" is not an inherent racial slur. It has many other meanings.


1) Is the DC Bar Assn. a music show or a discussion panel?
2) Is it open the public or just members of the assn.
3) I'm really quite conflicted about your SCOTUS case. Right now, I"m saying that the best thing to come out of it is that I'd never have heard of you without it. A 30 sec listen made a new fan.

The Slants responded on 01/26/2017

Hi, thanks for writing! The event will be a show and panel, it's also open to the public though it will have a heavy law focus. We're actually adding a second DC show for the night before, that one will be more of a concert. Thanks so much for reaching out!


Love your music? Could I please get an autographed photo of the entire band? thanks in advance! Ken Vogler, 2938 LaPalomita Rd,
Albuquerque, NM, 87111

The Slants responded on 01/20/2017

Hi, Sorry but we don't have any photos right now; we can send a signed CD or poster if you'd like to order one; just email