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Thanks alot you dipshits. Now I'm going to have to hear fucking white people walking around pretending to about nigger energy drinks when they are really making fun of people. You should have copyrighted FUCKING ASSHOLES because that's what you are!

The Slants responded on 07/24/2017

Hi, we appreciate you writing in response to the misleading news story about the new trademark registrations. What they fail to report is that almost all of the applications are from people reclaiming the term and using it in a re-appropriated manner. That being said, we know that people don't need energy drinks or products to be racist (just as people don't need trademarks to create products). However, as we often say, the cure for hate speech isn't censorship. It's better and more nuanced speech. More importantly, it's allowing marginalized communities to be empowered to speak for themselves, not have some random government office doing it on our behalfs (and incorrectly to boot).

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