The Slants

Hey guys my name is Jack Elliott i was the one kid at the 2017 Zenkaicon where I met the bassist and the long hair guitarist. I was also the one who said i played bass as well and I was also from Asia but I was from Russia. it was great meeting you guys. so my question is are you coming to the 2018 Zenkaicon (I think i'm spelling this right) if you are I would like to say high again this time i'm going to cosplay as Yuu Haruna. if it is possible i would like to get a picture with you guys as the whole band. Sincerely, Jack
P.S You guys are my favorite band ever and I was wondering if Simon Tam could send me all the bass tabs of your song if so that would be AMAZING I would really appreciate it thanks

The Slants responded on 02/09/2018

Hi Jack, of course we remember you! Unfortunately, we won't be playing again in 2018- most cons like to wait a bit before having the same guests return so they can get new talent in. However, we hope to return in the future and would love to get that picture then!

Is there any song in particular that you want tabs to?

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