The Slants

What's the first thing you thought when you met each other?

The Slants responded on 05/26/2011

We didn't meet each other at the same time, it was kind of staggered over time (especially since we have had 11 different people play in this band before).

I do remember when we were auditioning Aron (and that was when the band was me, Gaijin, and Gwei Lo), we were surprised because he seemed so nervous but very care free at the same time. We weren't sure if he could hold a tune but by the time he had his second audition, he nailed it.

Johnny has been a lifelong friend of mine so I can't really remember. Tyler originally auditioned (before any other member of The Slants joined) and I thought he seemed really nice; I went to his other band's show and thought he had a great hard-hitting style.

Not sure what everyone thought when they met me. Probably that I was either all business or too much of a dreamer.


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